Hello, this page is all about the new forex system from Russ HornTradeonix. This system is to teach you how to trade forex and is brought to you by a professional and experienced forex trader Russ Horn.



There are many forex systems out there like forex robots, indicators…etc but many of them are delivered online in the form of a download or an online tutorial. Tradeonix is a different one as it’s something that is delivered to customer’s address. It’s primarily a set of DVDs with forex trading tutorials from Russ. There is online portal for members to get support, webinar…etc.

The announcement of the system has already created a good hype/buzz in the forex industry and you can see articles popping out in various forex forums and portals. You could have probably received emails from various people in this niche about the system and that is perhaps how you reached here. Anyways you are in a good place as I can give you details on the system and also help you get extra $300 discount on the system. Cool?


Tradeonix by Russ Horn

Tradeonix Review – Who is Russ Horn?

Its important we speak about the creator of this system. Russ Horn is an experienced professional forex trader. He has released other forex systems in the past like Forex Income Boss, Forex Master Method, Rapid Results Method…etc. Tradeonix is also expected  to be a big hit in the forex market.

Russ Horn
Russ Horn

In short, he is a reputed, trusted and experienced forex trader and teacher. His strategies and secrets should be included in the Tradeonix system and you can make use of it if you purchase the system (link below).


Tradeonix Review – What all do I get?

As mentioned earlier, the main part of the system is a package that is shipped to you. The package mainly consists of a set of DVDs with videos lectures on trading forex. These are the core of the system and includes Russ’s strategies. You also get a cheat sheet and a trading manual along with the DVDs.

Tradeonix Forex System

Apart from the physical things, there is a online members area where you can meet other traders, get help and support, and attend frequent webinars…etc.

All these together is a lot of content and plus you can get a lot from future updates through online portal and webinars. This is a great value and should be helping you to become a successful and professional forex trader. Ability to learn from the experts is a great luck. You can click the below link to purchase system now. It will take you to official website of tradeonix and can see a lot details and proofs on the system.

Purchase Now


Tradeonix Review

Tradeonix Review – Is it a scam?

NO. Tradeonix is not a scam. Whether you make money with it or not is one things, but its not an internet scam. Here is why:

  • The system comes from Russ Horn, who has successfully launched many systems in the past.
  • Gives away a lot of free tools before the actual launch of the system. You can get them too!
  • It is published/marketed by a reputed team that has release lot of high priced systems with success.
  • The product is sold through Clickbank – one of the most reputed payment gateway. You can pay through Clickbank using your Credit card or Paypal.
  • You get unconditional 60 Days money back guarantee. You don’t like the system, just ask for a refund and you get 100% money back.


Tradeonix Price

How much does the system cost?

The system has a high value as it comes from someone reputed and is something physical that is shipped to your home. The product retails at $997. You get the system with DVDs, manual, cheat sheet, online support…etc for that price.

Note that this price do not include VAT and you would have to pay extra depending on your country. At that price, this system is supposed to be of great value. But who wouldn’t want and extra discount? Continue reading…


Tradeonix Discount – 300$

$997 could be a good deal for a system like this, but who wouldn’t like an extra discount. You can get $300 discount in the form of discount and cash-back (in to your Paypal). You can learn more about that in the link below

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